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How to Choose the Right Drain Cleaning Tool

Clogged drains are problems many people experience in their home. This, therefore, calls for the right drain cleaning tool so that you can remove the clogs without necessarily calling the plumber.

What are some of the things that you should consider when buying a drain cleaning tool? I have listed some of the important considerations that you should check. This will help you select the right tool that will work well in unclogging your drain.

The type of drain

Each type of drain has a different type of cleaning tool. For example for a toilet drain, you can use a closet auger and for a sink or laundry drain, you can use a hand-held  drain cleaner.

Therefore, if you use the wrong tool for the wrong drain, you might be disappointed with the results. That is why you need to understand what you are looking for first to ensure that you get yourself the right cleaning tool for the right job.

Hand tool/power tool

Tools that are powered electrically are more powerful compared to the hand tools. They are also easier to operate because all you have to do is switch it on and it does the job itself. For the hand tools, you don't need any skills to operate it and it is much recommended to you if you are not able to handle an electric machine. A hand tool is also a lot safer and pretty cheap compared to a power or rather electric cleaning tool.

Cause of clogging

Before you go ahead to look for a drain cleaning tool, ensure that you know what caused the clogging in your drain.  With that knowledge, you can select the perfect tool for the job.

For example, if hair is stuck in your drain, you cannot use a plunger because it will not drag hair out of the drain. Instead, you will have to select a tool that has a strainer for getting the hair out. Your drain can also be clogged by debris or even food and therefore you should know how to go about every other cause of clogging.


When purchasing a cleaning tool for your clogged drain, you should always consider the safety first. For example, you should not use an electric drain cleaner in water because water is a bad conductor of electricity. You can get yourself air-activated foot pedals as the foot pedals use air pressure to activate the switch and therefore all the wiring will be kept off the floor to keep you safe. Other safety measures include leather gloves and safety slip clutches.

Also, consider the safety of your children and therefore select a tool that is safe for children to avoid causing unnecessary accidents in your safe. Safety should always come first.

Final words

Choosing the right drain cleaning tool can be quite difficult but with the above information in mind, your selection process is made easier. Get the water flowing again by using the right tool for the right drain and enjoy the best drainage system for your house.